A Day in Life at the Ladies Home...


There is always something to do. Every one of our ladies is invited to each and every activity so she won’t need to worry about having to remember where she put her jam packed calendar!

One day she may help bake apple pies and then continue her gossip with the girls on the shady porch while sipping lemonade. Maybe she’ll take a stroll in the gated courtyard garden. Then next evening she may find herself dancing with a fraternity brother at a dinner theatre or maybe watch a chick-flick in the parlor while munching popcorn. Maybe she’ll just want to kick back, read a book, watch TV, catch up with family on the phone or pet the cat.

She’ll want to be physically active with fun programs like Seated Zumba, swing dancing, Seniorsize, Walking Club and shuffleboard. Sometimes there are crazy things to do like blowing bubbles, water balloon toss, hallway bowling or Root Beer Pong. She can get her hands dirty by doing some gardening in our raised beds, or doing a little baking. Painting or crafts anyone? Or maybe go see the collection of quilts, or dresses from the 1800’s someone is sharing in the parlor. Bingo? Yes! Card Club? Yes!

We all like to be pampered, so she can get her hair done every week right here in our salon. She may also fancy a manicure- Thank you Advisory Council volunteers! Then, looking her best and weather permitting, she may like to get on a bus and go somewhere. There is usually a weekly outing to a restaurant or maybe a barbeque by the lake so we can feed the ducks. We also like to visit the zoo and other local places of interest. Bowling? Shopping? Family and friends are always welcome to visit, maybe bring the dog to visit too. Perhaps you can join us for lunch?

She can join our non-denominational services. Communion is offered as well as bible study and hymn sing. Music is very popular here; we have entertainers who play piano or guitar and invite all to sing along. It is not unusual to see special and seasonal decorations and balloons or to hear spontaneous song in the halls or dining room.

Of course, she is free to go visit family and friends. We appreciate a heads up to make sure she doesn’t have a doctor’s appointment and has adequate medication on hand for the duration of her visit away.


The Ladies Home of Oswego ensures our "Ladies" have FUN!

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Take look at a few recent photos for our recent romps. What fun!

Madaline and Missy all smiles!

Gloria paints Ruth B.’s nails while at Kimberly’s

Peg enjoys her special friend on a recent visit from the Buccaneers.

Regena plays some Christmas music as the ladies decorate the tree.

- Catherine is assisted by Sharon from the Sunrise Rotary Club as she hangs some balls on the tree.

Len and the Ladies at the Kimberly’s on our recent salon trip.


Meals and baked goods are prepared right in our kitchen so we guarantee the freshest is served. Two dietician approved diets offer three well rounded meals and a nutritious snack daily. Menus are seasonal and also approved by the ladies at Residents Council. Typically we serve traditional American fare with well done meats and vegetables. We do not cook with salt and avoid fried foods. We know sometimes a little help is welcome; we will cut meats and butter toast, if requested. Birthday meals are always the lady's choice and holiday meals are truly memorable!


  • Orange Juice/ Coffee or Tea
  • Toast or English Muffin / Butter /Jelly Tropical Fruit Cup
  • Choice of: Dry Cereal or Cooked Cereal/French Toast / Syrup


  • Breaded Pork Chops
  • Garlic Mashed Potatoes
  • Steamed Asparagus
  • Dinner Roll with Butter
  • Mixed Berry Cobbler & Whipped Cream


  • Cream of Broccoli Soup & Crackers
  • Chicken Salad Sandwich on Wheat Bread
  • Lettuce and Sliced Tomato
  • Diced Peaches


  • Chunked Cheddar Cheese
  • Cracker Assortment
  • Sliced Apples

Personal Care

We know that arthritic fingers or loss of balance may make certain aspects of dressing difficult. The Ladies Home staff is here to help with things like Depends, those tight stockings or tying shoes. They make sure each lady has clean clothes on, her teeth are clean and her hair is combed. They will make sure your lady is safe while bathing. We can also give toileting reminders. Weekly visits at our salon will keep her looking great and feeling even better 

Medication Management

Our ladies retain their physician of choice. We ask that the resident keep us informed of any changes in their health or medication regiment. We keep up to date records so you and the doctor know exactly what medication is being taken and when. Our ladies do not have to have the burden of remembering to take their medications as they are offered at the time, dosage and frequency the doctor wishes. We will order refills of medications from the pharmacy. All medications, even those purchased over the counter need doctor’s orders.

We will be in touch with the family and the doctor if there is any concern that may need medical attention. Residents may also keep medications in their rooms under specific doctor orders, but most opt for the RCA to supervise and secure medications. Outside services can provide nursing care, physical and occupational therapy. X-rays and lab work can also be in the Home.